Types of Surveys

At R.B. Pharr & Associates we provide every type of survey for commercial, industrial and residential projects.


ALTA / ACSM surveys provide the high level of detail often required by lending institutions. Such surveys must be requested in writing and be accompanied by all deeds and easements affecting the subject property.


Boundary surveys are used to relocate and / or replace missing corner markers and provide a map of the property boundaries and boundary improvements. Our surveys seek to verify the description in the recorded deed and record interior improvements, such as: buildings and drives, as well as encroachments along the boundary (fences, drives, utilities, and others), affecting the use of or title to the property.


Location surveys are required for loans, which map the property boundaries and the location of all interior improvements and replace missing corner markers.


Topographic surveys can be used with a Location Survey to prepare a Site Design Map, a Subdivision Map, or an Erosion Control Plan. Our Topographic Surveys are typically field-shot but aerial topographic surveys are also utilized. Topographic Surveys locate all improvements and such topographic features as embankments, trees, water courses, roads, ditches, utilities, etc. and provide elevations and contour lines.


Site planning surveys combine a boundary and topographic survey to design future improvements, such as houses, residential subdivisions, stores and shopping centers, roadways, playgrounds, etc.


Subdivision surveys for conveyance and recording on parent tracts of land being divided into smaller lots, as well as for site design of lots, streets, and drainage.


Construction surveys to stake out buildings, roads, walls, utilities, etc., including horizontal and vertical grading, slope staking, and final as-built surveys.


Geographic Positioning System (GPS) surveys provide data which can be used in future planning, preservation, and development. They can establish coordinate control points for a State Plane Coordinate System, large boundary surveys, and subdivision surveys. They are also used to compile such data as the location of streets; homes; businesses; electric, phone and gas utilities; water and sewer systems; property lines; soil and vegetation types; water courses; etc. for Geographic Information Systems / Land Information Systems (GIS / LIS).

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"R. B. Pharr & Associates is very responsive to our surveying needs. They provide us and our clients with quality surveys that lay the important groundwork of site information, which then allows us to do our job."

Jim Gamble, Studio Principal Land Development Services - Little Diversified Architectural Consulting